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Ladies I know during the winter we all lose our summer glow so in order to keep our bronzed tan why not check out these self tanners. I know self tanners have a bad reputation but don’t worry you wont turn orange. I personally use Shiseido.

So I was working the Makeup Show here in NYC and the Creative DIrector of the company (also the daughter of the owner) Bodyography and I got to talking and after all was said and done she gave me some of her products to test on my models for my demos.

I was skeptical because I wasn’t particularly thrilled with their primer (i prefer Cinema Secrets and Hard Candy) but I decided to try their Radiance Boost.

This product is amazing. It creates a glowing sheen to any skin tone. It creates a glow similar to bronzer without the bronze color.

I would definitely use this for all of my brides and it is a staple in my kit. This kicks MAC’s cream color base’s ass!

Summer Lovin’

ladies here’s a trick to glowing healthy looking skin. instead of blush just use bronzer. it gives the skin a healthy glow while not adding too much color. it’s the perfect accessory to a sunkissed glow.

i like to use a light bronzer like The Balm or for the more budget conscience CoverGirl bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and blending into the hair line, up my temples and onto the crown of my forehead. a little on the bridge of my nose and a small amount on my chin. You can add some the jawline if you like.

this simple sun kissed look is my latest obsession, it’s simple and fresh for a sweltering summer

Let’s Bronze It Out

Have you ever been walking down the street or strolling across the beach and all of a sudden you do a double take and wonder, ‘was that an oompa loompa or Snooki that just walked by?’ Chances are if you have been in this situation the person you unfortunately couldn’t take your eyes off of was a victim of Bronzer Overload!!!!

Ladies (and gentlemen) bronzer is NOT a substitute for foundation!!!! There is a huge misconception when it comes to the exact purpose of bronzer. Well, I am here to clarify a few things.

  1. It is not foundation! Do not apply it to your entire face. Many times I find myself watching The Jersey Shore (it’s my guilty pleasure, get over it) and cringing while watching Snooki, JWOWW, & the self-proclaimed ‘meatball’ Deena herself caking on bronzer all over their faces!!! They are beautiful girls and are already tan from extreme sun exposure. This is just adding an even more orange glow to their already tan bodies.
  2. It is an enhancer! Think of going to see you favorite band perform and all of a sudden your 2nd favorite singer makes a guest appearance. That singer just enhanced the already amazing show. Bronzer is the guest appearance to your already amazing look. It adds an healthy sun-kissed glow without going to the tanning bed.
  3. Contouring! It is often used for contouring the cheek bones and nose areas. By doing this you are slimming down the look of your face while supplying a glow that makes you look like you just came from the beach.

How To Apply: Brush a light dusting of bronzer around your hairline into your temples then on the bridge of your nose to define. The cheeks are the most important - do a light sweeping motion from where your cheekbones are (if it becomes too defined blend with a makeup sponge) add a little to your chin and presto! You are ready!


Now ladies when you get done using your bronzer and you step back from the mirror and take a look at yourself and you realize you look orange or like a Greek statue - you have become a victim of Bronzer Overload! Remember don’t overload your brush with color!!!!

Keep it light no one likes anyone overly tan (fake and bake or just puff & powdered).

Here are some good products to use to get that perfect summer sunkissed look year round

MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden

Clinique Almost Bronzer (comes in Light/Medium & Medium/Dark & is build-able)

Napoleon Bronzer Patrol (for deeper coverage)

Dolce & Gabbana - Animalier Bronzer (it is in a cheetah print design!!)

Try these products and believe me you will never go to a tanning bed again!